How to display a particular article in all the pages in Joomla ?

In Joomla we can easily create an article and publish it under any section and category. But sometimes we required to display a particular article in all the page of our Joomla website.


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For example I always want to display the “About Me” page of my Joomla Blog in all the pages of Joomla. So what to do …


The above problem can be solved broadly in two ways (a) Custom Module Method (b) Direct template index.php page edit method. In order to display an article in all the page in Joomla just follow the below given procedure.

Custom Module Method: In this method we can download a custom module or create a new customer module for our Joomla website. For this : –

  • Log in to the Joomla admin panel.
  • Go to the module Manager.
  • Download any custom module and install it or click on the “New‘ button to create a new custom module.
  • Click on the newly created custom module and set its Menu Assignment to “All’ .
  • Click on the save button to save the settings.

Direct template index.php method : In this methods we need to have basic knowledge of HTML and PHP. This may not be the best method to do so but still then : Let us try : –

  • Open to the Joomla website folder.
  • Click on the “templates” folder.
  • Now click on the current template of the Joomla website. For example : ja_senecio
  • Open the index.php in it in any text/HTML editor i.e. FrontPage or Notepad.
  • Now edit the index.php file as per the requirement. Insert the text and images which needs to be displayed in all the Joomla pages.

Warning : If you don’t have a sound knowledge on PHP then don’t read the second method. Because the consequence may kill your Joomla website.

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