How to Enable Legacy Mode in Joomla! 1.5?

The 21st century greatest invention ‘Joomla’ has now become the most powerful content management system of the planet. It just rocks with thousands of hot modules, components and Plugins.

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But the problem of the days is that a lot of extensions developed for Joomla 1.0x version doesn’t work perfectly with Joomla 1.5. When we try to install a old extension in the latest version of Joomla a ridiculous error appears “Direct Access to this location is not allowed” and “Must Enable Legacy Mode In Global Config To Complete This Task.”. The good news is that we are really gifted with the Legacy Mode in Joomla 1.5 that allows us to use any extension developed for the old version of Joomla.


  • Login to you Joomla admin panel.(
  • Go to Extension – > Plugin Manager
  • Now find the System – Legacy option from the Plugin list and then click on the check box in front of it.
  • Click on Enable button.
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