How to instantly create a Joomla blog ?

Today we will learn about the easiest way to create a blog with Joomla 1.5 CMS. There are different ways to do this, for example you may certainly integrate a separate word press blog and give a link to it, or you can use any special extension available at the Joomla extension community or can do anything else. Anyway, this article is about using the default Joomla installation resources for creating instant blogs.

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Joomla Website

Any website powered by the Joomla CMS is mainly know as a Joomla website. It includes everything such as framework, templates, extensions and etc. Generally in a common website separate menu links are created for each individual pages. So if you have some 50 pages then you need to create at least 50 menu items. Both top as well as sub level menus are created for giving easy access to all the pages of the site. The main limitation of an orthodox websites is its page limit. Now you may be thinking how the page limit can be a limitation ? Well certainly it is. As told before an orthodox websites follows the principle of giving dedicated menu links to dedicate web pages.


So just think how many menu items are required for creating a website with 1000 pages ? Well of course you will need to create at least 1000 menu items for giving links to all the inner pages of the site. Isn’t it extremely complex ? Well, it is ! So these days modern websites are turning into interactive blogs for eradication the problem of menu creation and page limits. At present, any site powered by Joomla can virtually have unlimited pages in it despite of few menu items. It is only possible by using the advance architecture of the amazing blog layout. So now, you must be thinking about what the hell is the blog layout ?

Joomla Blogs

Any Joomla website following the Archive system of WordPress Blog is mainly known as ‘A Joomla Blog’. With Joomla, you can easily create a blog or you can easily convert your Joomla website to a blog. Yes ! You can. The blog layout consist mainly two things (a) Articles in the FrontPage (b) Articles in the site Archive. One of the most significant advantage any Joomla blogs is it’s simplicity. In fact, in this very website, we have used the blog layout system for managing huge volumes of contents.





  • Log in to your website admin panel.
  • Navigate to Content – Section Manager and then create a new Section. For example let us create a section named ‘Myblog’.
  • Now go to the Category Manager and Create a new category (Ex : Myblog) and place it under the previously created MyBlog Section.
  • After that, navigate to Menu – Main Menu and then click on the ‘New’ button in order to create a new menu item.
  • While selecting the Menu type, click on Article – > FrontPage Blog Layout.
  • Give any name to the Menu and then Click on the ‘Save’ button.
  • Now go to the Module Manager and then create a new module. Perhaps create a [Archive Module]. And display it somewhere in your Joomla site.
  • Go to the article Manager and post a new blog entry under the “MyBlog” Section and “MyBlog” Category. Select the show on FrontPage option.
  • Again create another blog entry in similar way and save it. Go to your website front end to see your 2 blog entries.
  • Now suppose you want to Archive your articles by month. So to do that, in your Article Manager simply select the article you want to Archive and then click on the Archive Button.
  • Go to the Front end and refresh the page. You will notice that one of your post has move to the Archive module.
  • When you click on the Archive link it will take you to the Archives page where you can notice a filter options to search the Archives by Month.
  • So in this way we have just created a basic blog with Joomla.
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