How to link/hyperlink to other articles from within an article in Joomla?

Backlinks are Great! But just are not enough to give us perfect SEO or higher Google page rank. Another major factor that creates higher page rank is the habit of interlinking all the pages of the website.

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For this we have to inter link all the articles in Joomla. I have seen many Bloggers creating strong page interlink structure by manually giving Related Article link (At the bottom of each article) in almost all the articles they post.

So the need of the day is to give a link from the currently article to another article in Joomla for building a strong page interlink structure. For doing this :-

  • JCE (Joomla Content Editors) – Is perhaps one of the the best article editor I have ever seen. It’s better to download and use JCE as the default editor of Joomla.
  • Go to Article Manager – and click on the “New” button to create a new article.
  • Type a good article and select the required text to be linked.
  • Now click on the Insert/Edit link icon from the JCE editor toolbar.
  • A popup window will open.
  • Just enter or copy/paste the URL of the article to be hyperlinked.
  • Select the Target option – From the target combo box.
  • Click on the insert button.
  • And it’s all done ! Enjoy.
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