How to make a complicated sub menu structure in Joomla ?

The general requirement of any website or Blog is to build robust Menu structure for giving a user-friendly navigation to the site visitors. And we all know that it’s extremely easy to create a menu is Joomla from the menu manager.

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Most interesting fact is that, it’s perhaps even more easy to create a sub menu in Joomla. Today I saw a post in Joomla forum which seems something like “I can create a top Menu but I am unable to create a sub menu in Joomla”. Later I enquired and learned that in some old template of Joomla (specially in free templates of Joomla.) building sub menus is not possible. All the latest premium templates comes with a pre-integrated menu named “Suckerfish Menu” that allow us to create robust menu structure in Joomla.

Procedure for creating a sub menu in Joomla .

  • First all our be sure that your template allows to create sub menus in it.
  • Log in to your Joomla admin pane.
  • Open any menu and the click on the new button.
  • While creating a new menu just we have to select it’s parent menu from the Parent Item list box, in order to make it a sub menu of the so selected parent menu.
  • Click on the save button.
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