How to make SEO friendly categories in Joomla? Joomla SEO URL problem! My category URL varies mysterious.

I have Search Engine Friendly URLs enabled in my Joomla Blog. I have used SEO patch by Joomla Works. But the problem is that the URL of my categories differs.

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Which don’t seems to be SEO friendly and sometimes when I click on this category it displays 404 page error.Sometimes it automatically show 404 error pages and one moment later the error disappears automatically and the said category page opens correctly. So I am bit confused. I am Blogging on Joomla for so many days and I presently manage more that 25 Joomla websites but today it seems that I don’t know even .01 percentage of Joomla. Let me pass this problem to my younger brother.

Both of us searched the solution for our problem in various search engines and forums but unfortunately we didn’t found any effective solution to it. Later on when we attempted to examined both the categories minutely, we found out that those categories which we have not link from our Joomla menu are showing different URL and those categories which we have linked from our Blog menu are showing different URL. So our SEO friendly URL problem was solved when we linked all our Blog categories with respective menu items. That means we opened individual menu for individual categories. Have you ever faced these type if error ? Or do you have any better solution on it. If yes, do mail us.

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