How to minimize Joomla installation during transferring a existing website from one server/host to another ?

The malady of the era is that in some palaces the internet broadband speed is extremely fast and in some other places it is even slower than the slowest Tortoise. And in the later case what matters is only patience, patience and patience. The problem become even more worst when you have a slow internet connection and you need to transfer your Joomla website from one host/server to another.

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Really I bet, this will be the worst nightmare you ever had. The world best content management system Joomla 1.5 version have more than 4000 file and 850 folders which make it’s size more than 30 -45 mb for any existing website with average number of pages. So what to do to minimize the installation process. ?

Solution (Don’t take this too seriously)


It’s true that there is no absolute solution to the problem but something can be done to minimize it’s size in the sever and the same can be downloaded faster or can be transfer to another host by using any FTP software. Firstly, I want to say that Joomla have many components and modules which are generally is disable mode.

For checking ,which all modules are not in use just login to your admin panel and go to extension-> module manager-> and then select the disable option from the select state combo box. This will display all the modules as shown in the below image. You can uninstall some modules in order to minimize the Joomla size (But some core module/components cannot be uninstalled). Secondly in the image directory of the Joomla folder there are many images which are generally not in use. So you can delete the same from the sever.

Note : Please refer to the official Joomla Help file for understanding the core files, modules and components of Joomla. Best of luck guys..

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