How to rename Article ID numbers in Joomla ?

In a typical installation of Joomla CMS the Article id does not beings with 1. The reason behind is that, in the default installation of Joomla including the sample data it has some more than 50 demo articles with its respective ids and when we deleted all the articles and click on “New” button in the Article Manager to create a brand new article ,it’s id begins doesn’t begins with 1, rather it’s continues its auto id from the last maximum Article id.

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So the question is that “How to rename the Article id by configure the phpMyAdmin in order to create article id as per our requirement”. As Joomla backend admin panel doesn’t provide any solution for this, so we have to go to the phpMyAdmin to find the solution. Let’s start.

To rename/ change the Article Id follow the below given steps

  • Open you phpMyAdmin i.e. from cPanel – phpMyAdmin or WampServer (As per our requirement)
  • Select the Joomla Database.
  • And find the jos_content (“jos” is the Joomla’s default prefix but may vary)
  • Once done click the “Browser” icon from the action table or “Browse” button.
  • Now click on the pencil icon of the first article. A page will load with the Column (a) Field (b) Type (c) Function (d) Null (e) Value
  • Change the value in the “Value” column textbox to 1.
  • And continue the same process for all your articles.
  • Bravo!


Note : One of the most significant thing to be noted is that we have to set (lower) the auto increment counter to the highest number of article + 1 . If not, then the new article id will still continue from old id and thus we have to again do start the entire process manually. The auto increment option in phpMyAdmin can be found in the Operations tab page.

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