How to restric User from accessing certain pages in Joomla 1.5?

These days a lot of Joomla newbie webmaster are facing these type of problems which bubble many question in their mind as follows.

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Sometime we want to restrict some Joomla website pages for registered user or special user. And more often this is done to increase the number of registered member in the website. Whatever the case maybe , the best way to do that is as follows.




Joomla is one of the most robust content management system which gives the Joomla webmasters a lot of facilities and options to explore and create a full -fledged dynamic website. The need of the day is to created user restricted pages. And the solution is simple.

  • Go to Content – > Article Manager
  • Click on the new button icon if you want to create a new article else you can click on any existing article.
  • Once the Article Page opens. Just have a look on the right hand side Parameter – Article box.
  • From the Access Level combo box select the ‘Registered‘ or ‘Special’ option.
  • Save the setting by clicking on the save button.
  • Problem solved!
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