How to show recent articles in Joomla ?

Showing recent articles in your website is really a great idea and will definitely have its direct impact in boosting your website or web Blog traffic. For showing recent articles in Joomla just install the most popular Joomla module named ‘mod_latestnews‘ in you site.

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Search if it is, by default installed in your Joomla module manager. Otherwise have a fresh module installation. Then enable the module and configure it’s Module Parameters as per your requirement.

For example we have configured mod_latestnews‘ module in this very website as given below.
*Set the Module Position as per your template suitability.


Module parameter

  • Count-10
  • Order – recently added first
  • Authors- Anyone
  • FrontPage article- Show
  • Section id –
  • Category id-
  • Module Class Suffix-

Advance parameter

  • Caching – Use Global
  • Cache Time- 900

Note- You may leave the section id and category id field blank (empty) only if you want to show all your new posts under recent articles. Otherwise you can specify the id of any individual section or category to show the recently article only from the so specified id. Hope you now enjoy recent articles and postings. Do share you experience with us.

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