How to submit articles/news from Joomla front end ?

In recent days many newbie seems to be confused about the Joomla Front end login and it’s function. Many questions are thrown about the procedure to publish articles from the Joomla front end .

Joomla. How to work with Display News module - Template Monster Help

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How to “Submit News” in the User Menu ?

  • How to submit articles from Joomla Front End?
  • How can a user submit articles from Joomla Front End?
  • What module I should enable in order to submit news from Front End?

Joomla can be both managed by Back-end as well as front end. We can login to the backend of our default Joomla website by entering In Joomla front end we can login by using the Joomla Login module or any third party Login module, for example in this very website we have used “Ja Login” module. For managing a Joomla website from front end just follow the below solution.



  • Log in to your Joomla back end.
  • Go to Menu -> User Menu – And customize all options as per the requirement.
  • Enable and use a Login Module in the website.
  • Login from the Joomla Front end by using the above module.
  • After Login you will notice a User Menu
  • Click on the Submit Article Link to publish articles. – Publish any article.
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit individual pages.
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