My menu module don’t appear in the module manager. What to do ?

I created a new menu named “Main Links” in Joomla. And then have added several sub menus to it. The Menu name appears in the Menu manager but it don’t appear in the Module manager. So how could I set the menu position in my Blog? I know this is not a that much serious problem. But what is the reason behind this is still to be answered.

Joomla 2.5.x How to change logo link - Template Monster Help

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Sorry I didn’t find the actual reason behind the sudden disappearance of menu module from the module manager. If you say it is somehow mistakenly deleted, then I will say absolutely a big ‘NO’ to you .Anyhow I just deleted the menu name “Main Links” from the Menu manager and created a new fresh menu in the same name. Problem solved! But the root cause for the error still remained a Joomla mystery.

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