My Meta description always global in Joomla? A hindrance to Google SEO.

None of us can denied. It happens with every newbie Joomla webmaster. The problem is that in all the pages of the website the same global description and keyword appears as set in the Global configuration. And therefore is becomes an hindrance to Google SEO as the Google’s webmaster tools suggests duplicates entity.

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Normal Joomla

In this method we solve the problem by using the default setting given in Joomla. The key factor is that in Global Configuration Metadata setting we specify the a) Global Site Meta Description and b) Global Site Meta Keywords. And hence the same is automatically applicable to all our pages. But to give individual a) Global Site Meta Description and b) Global Site Meta Keywords to each page in Joomla just follows the below instructions.

  • Go to Article Manager and click on any article to open it in edit mode.
  • Go to the Parameters – Advanced option (which can be seen below the Parameters – Article). From the Show Title combo box select ‘Yes’
  • Now click on the Metadata Information option (which can be seen below the Parameters – Advanced option).
  • Now enter your desired Description and keywords.
  • Save the article and the problem disappears. Happy SEO.


Joomla SEO

If you have installed any additional SEO patch like Joomla Works SEO patch. Then follows the below instructions to give individual meta description and keywords to each Joomla pages.

This method is application to the Joomla SEO patch by Joomla Works. The process may differ if you use any other SEO patch for Joomla. But the logic remains same for all.

  • Go to Site-> Global Configuration
  • Click one the SEO option.
  • HTML Title setting text box enter – [TITLE]-[SITENAME]
  • Default title text box enter [SITENAME]
  • In META tag description settings combo box select the “DON’T USE GLOBAL META DESCRIPTION ‘ option.
  • Hope now problem is solved.


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