Newbie confusion over Latest News Module.

All the future Bloggers and webmasters who are newbie’s to Joomla get confused about the Latest News Module of Joomla named mod_latestnews. They assume that the core function of this ‘mod_latestnews’ module is to display latest news or any notice of the website.

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But the actual function of the ‘mod_latestnews’ is something else, it’s main objective is to display a list of the most recently published Articles that are still current. Some that are shown may have expired even though they are the most recent.

We can customize the module parameter as per our requirement. This module has multi purpose used, because some use it to display latest posting in their website, some display important events or notice to there visitors and some display their favorite article to their website visitors by using this module. So do be confused by the name. Just say mod_latestnews. module rocks..


A typical mod_latestnews parameter setting.

  • Count-10
  • Order – recently added first
  • Authors- Anyone
  • FrontPage article- Show
  • Section id –
  • Category id-
  • Module Class Suffix-

Note: You can leave the section id and category id filed blank (empty) only if you want to show all your new posts under recent articles. Other you can specify the id of any individual section or category to show the recently article only from the so specified id. Everything OK. Do share you experience with us.

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