Now an Administrator can create a Super Administrator in Joomla? Sounds strange but true.

In general the orthodoxy ideology is that a Limited account user can’t create a administrative account under him and an Administrative account holder can’t create a Super Administrative account under him.

J-Import: Joomla User Import & JomSocial User Updater

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But this can be done in Joomla. Think that your company is maintaining a profitable website supervised by Mr X as super admin of Joomla CMS and other persons working as the administrator.


One day Mr X leave the company, deleted his account and disappeared for unknown reason. Now it’s a really Problem ? One of the administrator needs be converted to a super administrator. Isn’t it. For this just follow the instruction give below. Probably this is the best method to recovery your Joomla Password with phpMyAdmin.


Note : You should have the phpMyAdmin access for website website.

  • Open your phpMyAdmin : You can do that from CPanel (The leading control panel) if you are using Linux server . If your website is in local host then open your sever software (like WAMPSERVER, XAMPP control panel) etc. You know the best way to do that.
  • From your phpMyAdmin select your Joomla website database from the left side Database combo box or from the given list.
  • Now browse the “Jos_User table” . This “Jos” prefix may vary.
  • Now you can see all the user of your Joomla website. So edit the appropriate user as per your requirement. Once your are in the edit mode you can see the user type field to learn about the type of account it is.
  • Now go to the password field and from the function combo box select MD5 from the dropdown list. And then type your password in the Value field text box. Change the value to a temporary password.
  • Save the entry by clicking on the GO button.
  • Return to Joomla back end and go to site -> User Manager and change the password.
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