Right Solution for Fatal Error on line 121 in Joomla administrative back end ? [Solved]

Have you ever faced this type of error in Joomla admin panel that took your sleep out and made you to scratch your hairs. Don’t worry because I have a cent percentage effective solution to that. Let us examine.

Fake Funny Error Messages! -DareTheDev

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These day many Joomla users complains about a error which occurs in the administrative interface (admin panel) of Joomla. The error is displayed something as given below. The above error seems to occur when one open any item in the admin panel and then click the cancel button without doing anything.


This type of error especially occurs if any of the core Joomla files or directories are missing or are damaged. Therefore it is advisable to upload all the Joomla file and replace the same in the server. But attention must be given that you shouldn’t replace your configuration file in the server. If possible take a back up of your Joomla file from the sever or local host as per the requirement. Hope, if done as per the instruction the error will vanish.
Note : If the problem still exists or you have another solutions to it then please mail me.

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