Solution for HTML clipboard in Joomla Content Editor

All those webmasters who were previously using Microsoft-Office FrontPage for  designing static HTML websites are really addicted to Bills Gates, Front Page editor. Practically no other content editor can satisfy them.


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So when these webmasters land over Joomla they feel uncomfortable to use the JCE content editor or any other content editor made for Joomla. They prefer to type contents for creating Articles in Microsoft FrontPage Content Editor and then copy and past then content inside the JCE.

After pasting the consent inside the JCE they experience the “HTML clipboard ” error. What is the solution to this problem ? To the best of my knowledge there is no absolute solution to this problem. But still there is a hope.

Partial Solution

  • Log in to your Joomla admin panel.
  • Go to Component – JCE Administration – Configuration.
  • Look for “Cleanup HTML” and select ‘YES’ from the combo box.

Now when you copy and paste the contents inside the JCE it will instantly display any undeclared elements, incorrect HTML, closing tags etc. So you will be able to delete the un-wanted tags as you like.


If you have a better solution please share your solution or link below. Give a link to your Joomla website of blog , because personally I have a good habit of reading new blogs…

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