Solution for Read more Problem in Joomla Content Editor – JCE

JCE  is regarded as the best Content Editor for Joomla. It goes with the tag line “JCE makes creating and editing Joomla!® content easy”. According to an independent survey almost more than 50 % of the Joomla webmaster’s brotherhood usages JCE as their default content editor.

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The positive thing about JCE is that it is not only free but also is highly customizable. You can easily download free and premium JCE plugins and can add new options to your Content Editor. Anyhow, the purpose of writing this article is something else.

These days a lot of webmasters are annoyed due to the read more problem in JCE. The problem goes like this..


(a) New-line
When they are adding “readmore” to their article it is creating a new line and the paragraph font of the contents below the read more links are changed automatically.

(b) Template Errors
A lot of templates of Joomlart and Rocket theme is nor perfectly working with JCE. Some webmasters are experiencing template breakdown when they try to add a readmore in JCE.


The only solution to this problem is that you have to download and install the latest version of the JCE Editor. Here is must be noted that don’t update your JCE from older version to newer version. Because the problem will continue….follow the below given steps..


  • Uninstall the JCE editor from your Joomla admin panel.
  • From your Phpmyadmin delete those extra tables created by JCE editor. (Be Careful ! and do it at your own risk.)
  • Download the latest version of JCE from its official website.
  • Install JCE and go to Global Configuration and select JCE Editor as your default editor.
  • Problem Solved !


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