The common error number 145 in Joomla – DB Function Failed.

One of the most common error regularly faced by the Joomla users is the error number 145 when the Mysql database function fails and an error message is displayed.

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Actually to the best of my knowledge this error is not any bugs of Joomla or anything like that. This is probably a database error and can be only solved by examining your database. I can remember, some


years before when I was coding application software in VB 6.0 and Access sometimes my database halts and with these type of error. I have to repair my Access database for solving it . Similarly for the above error in Joomla you need to repaid in Joomla database by using phpMyAdmin. Now the question come how to repair my Mysql database using phpMyAdmin? For this just login to your phpMyAdmin and then click your database name and then select the Check All table name option button. And then from the With Select combo box select the Repair table option. You can also select only the particular table which session id is displayed in the error. But there is no harm is selecting all the tables for repair. Then clear your browser cookies and refresh the error face. Error vanished!

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