The mysterious problem of “Invalid Token” error in Joomla.

I can bet that every Joomla webmaster have seen the “Invalid Token” error message at least once in his life. Remember, when sometimes we click on a menu link or wanted to save something either by logging into the admin backend or front end and suddenly in a snow white page an error message is displayed somewhat like “Invalid Token“.


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The CSRF token …”/>

When we click on the back button of the browser , unfortunately the previous pages is automatically refreshed and everything is lost. We are annoyed!. And a question bubbled in our mind like ‘What the hell is Invalid Token Error” . Don’t worry be cool.



When we log in to our Joomla website either from front end or admin backend it saves few cookies in our browser. And if for some reason the cookies are removed from the browse while we are in log in mode then there is 101 % chance of getting “Invalid Token” error message. This is a self tested reasons by me. Sometimes it happen when I have opened some 4-5 Joomla admin pages in my browser and mistakenly click on the logout option of page 1. Now in this circumstance when I operates any other admin page and click on save button “Invalid Token” error message comes out. So don;t worry much aboout this error.Anyhow if the problem continues then you are in great trouble.

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