Unable to upload images in Media Manger in Joomla, getting error – “failed to Open stream – permission denied”

The main function of the Media Manager is to manage all kinds of Media for our website. It is specially used to upload images to the server so that the same can be inserted to our articles.

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Image Source:—Creative-Social-Media—Social-Media-Account-Manager-052312.jpg

But sometimes many newbie as well as advance user face the failed upload problem. The root cause of the problem differs from users to user but the core reason of the problem is the issue of correct folder, file or server problem. All the core folders and files of Joomla need the permission as per the given specification.


  • Set the permission of all your Joomla file and folders as per the specification.
  • Set the permission of all the folders and files of Media Manager to 755.
  • If the problem continues then try to take a database Back-up and make a fresh new installation of Joomla and it’s templates and the restore the database.
  • Do contact your hosting provider if the problem still continues. They make set any administrative folder/file permission.
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