What is Fatal error ‘Call to undefined function sefRelToAbs()’ on line 52 in Joomla 1.5?

When I just entered my account (Registered type) username and password in the Joomla front end login window and then clicked on the login button. The above error message appeared in a white pages. I can guess that there is some problem in the login modules of Joomla. I am blogging the question now but don’t know the solution myself.

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I googled about the solution for some 10-15 minutes but gave up. Let me pass this problem to my younger brother.


I am in trouble

In many occasion some silly problems seems terrible and become a reason for severe headache. Anyhow let us examine the problem and fine out the perfect solution for it. The problem is not any Joomla 1.5 problem nor it is any type of general problem which answer can be found in the Joomla Forum. I copied and pasted the error message several time in different prefix in the search engines but found no result that could solved the problem. But at last my younger brother come to my help and found out the right solution.

Analysis of the Problem.

  • The error message gives a signal that it is a login modules error. Rather it seems to be a template error
  • As no result found in the search engines about this error so it can be taken as an unique error.
  • I checked my website with other template and the problem vanished (Error).


  1. Open the default template of Joomla e.g. “Beez” – beez/html/mod_login.
  2. Copy the default.php file found inside the mod_login folder.
  3. Now paste and replace it in your destination template folder. e.g. JA-Olyra/html/mod_login/
  4. Problem Solved.
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