Why my second newly created menu does not match with the style of the First Created main menu in Joomla ?

Your are Right ! This question is a bit confusing and may be meaningless too. But the problem is that sometimes both of our created menus give quite different looks.


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For example suppose we have two side menus (a) Menu A (b) Menu B and both these menu are both Suckerfish Menu” but still then, the look of the menu are not identical in our Joomla website. Worth reading…


Second Menu newly created menu does not look like First Main Menu

  • Log in to your Joomla admin panel. (
  • Click on the Extension menu option.
  • Now go to Module manager.
  • Click on the Menu module i.e. mod_mainmenu (The second menu module, which style doesn’t match with the first module)
  • Edit the Advanced Parameters as per the requirement.
  • Set all the text box as per the setting of the firstly created menu. Give special attention to the Module Class Suffix and if possible put “_menu” (without the quotes) in the field.
  • Click on the Save button. Problem Solved.

Note : Set the Module Class Suffix as per the requirement.

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