14 Questions on Company Accounts – Share Capital

Some of the most probably questions on Company Accounts Share Capital which are generally asked in various college and graduation degree examination are as follow:


  • What is a Company ? Give the main characteristic of a company ? Distinguish it from partnership ?
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  • What are the different types of companies ? Give the procedure of forming a company ?
  • Write short notes on (i) Minimum Subscription (ii) Certificate of commencement of business
  • Define Prospectus. What are the main contents of a prospectus ?
  • Give the main provisions of Companies Act regarding books of account to be maintained by a company ?
  • What is share ? Discussion the types of shares which a company can issue. Distinguish between equality and preference shares.
  • Write short notes on (i) Authorized Capital (ii) Minimum Subscription (iii) Calls in Arrears (iv) Reserve Capital
  • What do you understand by issue of shares at par, at premium and at a discount ?
  • Distinguish between (i) calls in advance and calls in arrears (ii) forfeiture of shares and surrender of shares ?
  • Why allotment of shares is necessary ? Give a specimen of Application and Allotment Book ?
  • Give the Journal entries for issue of shares from application money to find call
  • What do you meant by over-subscription of shares ? How excess application money is treated in accounts ?
  • In what circumstances can a company forfeit shares ? Can forfeited shares be reissued at discount ? If so, to what extent ?
  • Explain the Followings (a) Issue of shares at discount (b) Over-subscription (c) Pro-rate allotment of shares (d) Preliminary expenses.
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