What are the Advantages of maintaining Journals?

Journal is known as book of original/prime record. Maintaining journal gives the following advantages to the entity concerned:

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Transactions recorded date-wise with explanation:

All business pecuniary transactions are entered in journal in chronological order i.e. order of occurrence.

Process of classification at convenience:

Since transactions are recorded in journal as and when these take place it ensures that nothing shall be omitted which should be recorded.


Ensures the double entry rules have been followed:

Each transaction before it is recorded in journal is analyzed for the aspects involved; accounts to be debited and credited and also the debit and credit amount. Totaling of amount columns on each page ensures that the basic rule of “debit having equal and corresponding credit” has been followed.

Reliable evidence:

As the transactions taking place and recording is at the same time therefore chances of cooking or manipulating the facts are minimized. Thought out alternations or insertions are not possible.


Provides primary source-data:

Journal is directly written on the basis of vouchers so the information contained in the Journal is a primary source of financial statistics of the business.

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