9 Major Criticism towards Authoritarianism – Explained!

Some of the major criticism towards authoritarianism are as follows:

1. Formation of Government rests upon Force and Violence:

In Authoritarianism, the rulers come to power either by force or suppression or domination or revolt or manipulation.

Hence it is always an evil system of rule.

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2. Unreal Elections:

People have little role in the organisation of government. In an authoritarian state either the elections are not held or are held under the strict control of the rulers.

3. Executive is excessively powerful:

Executive is excessively powerful. It is neither responsive to public opinion nor is accountable for its acts.


4. Little Respect for Rights of the people:

Little freedom is really enjoyed by the people. The rights of the people are neither really granted nor guaranteed.

5. Rule of Persons and not of Law:

Instead of rule of law, rule of the rulers is practiced.


6. No Political Education and Participation of the people:

People get little political education. They have neither the right of information nor the means to demand information. They do not enjoy the right to change their government. Change of rulers is, almost always, by violent means.

7. Centralised System:

There is a centralisation of powers in the hands of the rulers. Lack of powerful judiciary is practised Judiciary is not independent.

8. Imposition of the will of the rulers over the nation:

Wishes and interests of the rulers or the ruler are described as national interests.

9. Use of False Propaganda:

Use of propaganda and populism is made for securing support for the policies and decisions of the rulers. Authoritarianism is essentially an evil system. It can produce some short term good results but only by the use of force. It can never be really productive of desired results and success. Under it the People can enjoy neither rights nor freedoms.

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