A short moral on Don’t live without work or you will go without food

It was winter. It was practically raining every day. It snowed sometimes. A cricket lay starving in his home. He was hungry and could not get anything to eat. So he came out and went in search of some food to satisfy his hunger. To his disappointment he could not get a morsel of food anywhere. At last he knocked at the door of an ant. The ant was in her house. Her larder was full and there was perfect peace in her house. The ant opened the door and said.”What brings you here on such a cold night?” The cricket was in tears. “I am wet and hungry “, said he “I have not a blade of grass to eat since the rain started.

Ralph Kingsbury Column: Work Ethics Have Changed - Say Anything

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Will you not give me something to eat ?” “What were you doing all the summer months?” said the ant, “you should know that we ants neither borrow nor lend. Did you not lay by anything for this cold season ?” no, not I “ replied the cricket , “The weather was so nice that I had not the her to do anything except singing”. “ You sang in summer “, said the ant, “Now sing your winter away, “ So saying she turned the cricket out . Moral: Don’t live without work or you will go without food.

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