A short moral story on Avoid the Company of the wicked

A short moral story on Avoid the Company of the wicked. There was a rich farmer. He had enough money to spare. He was, however , sad at heart. His only son passed his time in evil company. The father tried to dissuade him from bad company but to no avail.


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One day he thought of a plan. He bought a dozen mangoes. They looked ripe and tempting. “The boy wanted to taste them but the father said. They shall all be yours tomorrow”. The boy was patient enough to wait. The father in the mean time placed a rotten mango in the basket. Next day father asked him to bring the basket. The boy complained that the mangoes had all become rotten. The father said, “One of the mangoes must have been rotten and, therefore, it had spoiled the whole lot. Beware my son, if you keep the company of a wicked boy, the same will happen to you.”

The boy understood what his father meant. He promised to turnover a new leaf and avoid the company of the wicked. The father was pleased to hear this and blessed his son. He was sure that he would reform himself. Moral : Avoid the company of the wicked.

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