A short moral story on Be true to your duty for kids

Once a nobleman arranged a grand feast. He got all kinds of dishes prepared. There was, however, one deficiency. The nobleman was fond of fish and he wanted it somehow. A fisherman came to know of it. He caught a fish and brought it to the house of nobleman. His porter, however, would not let him get in. At last he let the fisherman enter when the latter agreed to pay him half of what he got.

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The nobleman was pleased to see the fish. He wanted to give some reward to the fisherman. The fisherman said that the price of the fish was one hundred lashes. The nobleman and his guests regarded it as a merry joke. He, therefore, ordered the fisherman to be given lashes but gently. When the fisherman had received fifty lashes, he stopped and said, “I have a partner, sir, please send for him. He will receive the remaining fifty lashes.”

The nobleman was surprised. “Who is this second fool to receive the lashes ?” said he “It is your porter, Sir,” replied the fisherman. The nobleman sent for the porter. He was whipped fifty times very severely. He was dismissed. The nobleman gave a rich reward to the fisherman as a price of his fish. Moral: Be true to your duty.

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