A short moral story on Dishonesty cannot be concealed for long

There were two friends. They thought that they were true to each other. One of them was, however, a fair-weather friend. One day one of the friends had to go out on an urgent piece of business. He, therefore, entrusted his friends with his money without any receipt and went away.

A Letter to Gov. Hogan (R-Md), From a Democrat Who Voted For Him

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The man returned after a long time. He demanded his money back. The other man refused to pay him anything. The man was greatly disappointed. He, therefore, went to the court for justice. He told the judge that he had paid the money to the man under a tree. The judge was very wise. He told him to bring the tree as his witness. The man went away disappointed. He knew that he could not bring the tree.

After a while the judge remarked that the man must have reached the tree. “No , sir, the tree is far away” said the accused. The judge now knew that the accused person was really guilty and decided the case against him. Moral: Dishonesty cannot be concealed for long.

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