A short moral story on Do not grumble over the gift of God

Once a stag was drinking water in a pool. He saw the reflection of his horns in the clear water. He was filled with admiration. “How bountiful is God!”said he to himself.”My horns are really beautiful”.

God Is Love | Prophecy

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Soon, however, looked at his thin legs. He felt ashamed. He began to despise himself. He cursed God. Just then he heard the barking of hunter’s dogs. He ran as fast as he could. His thin legs helped him to escape. He now realized that the legs he had despised had saved him.

Now he was in a thick forest. His beautiful horns got entangled in a bush. He tried his best to free himself but in vain.  The dogs whom he had left behind soon reached him and bit him to pieces. While the stag lay dying, he thought that the legs whom he had despised could save him but his beautiful horns accounted for his death. Moral : Do not grumble over the gift of God.

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