A short moral story on Kindness never goes unrewarded

Once there lived a lion in Gir Forest. He lay asleep one day. A little mouse came out of its hole and jumped on the body of the mighty lion. The lion opened his eyes and caught the mouse in his paw. He was about to strangle it when the mouse said, “Oh mighty king of the forest, take pity on me. I am so small that my death will not appease your hunger. If you leave me I might be of some use to you some day.” The lion laughed and said, “You little thing! Do you think you will ever help me. However, I take pity on you and let you go.” So saying the lion let loose his grasp and the mouse ran to its hole.

Kindness (June 28, 2011) | Here's The Thing…

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After a few days a few hunters came to the forest and laid a trap. The lion was caught in it. He roared. He tried to free himself but in vain. The mouse heard his roar. “The mighty lion in the danger”, said he. “ I must try to help him.” He came out of its hole and saw that the lion had been caught in the net. He went to the lion and began to nibble the strings of the net. Slowly and steadily the strings all gave way and the lion was free once again. The lion now realized that a little friend also could be of great help. Moral : Kindness never goes unrewarded.

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