A short moral story on Look before you leap for kids

One dark night a fox was prowling in search of prey. He passed by a village. There was a deep well. Unluckily he fell into it. He tried his best to come out but failed. He waited in the well in the hope that someone would come that way and take him out.

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Fortunately a goat happened to pass that way. The fox accosted her. “Dear friend! don’t you see how cold the water is “, said he. “Just peep into the well and see how I like the water of this well. May I tell you that the water is very sweet? Just see it for yourself.”

The goat was very thirsty. She could not refuse the offer. Without any further thought, she jumped into the well. The cunning fox at once climbed on the goat’s back and jumped out. The poor goat cried for help but the fox did not hear her cries. He was soon off. Moral: Look before you leap.

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