A short moral story on Never trust a wicked person for kids

Once a hunter laid a net. A tiger was caught in it. He tried his best to free himself but could not. He roared hard. Just then a Brahmin passed that way. He was very kind hearted. The tiger said. “O kind Brahmin, will you not set me free? I will not harm you.”

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The Brahmin took pity on him and set him free.”Let me make you my morsel, I am so hungry “ said the ungrateful tiger.  The Brahmin was terrified. He begged for his life. The tiger, however, would not listen to him. All his entreaties fell on deaf ears. The tiger was on the point of devouring when a jackal passed that way. He wanted to know that the matter was. The Brahmin told him the whole case and sought him help.

The jackal was as cunning as the tiger. He saw through the trick of the tiger and wanted to teach him a lesson. He said, “How can such a big tiger be put in so small a trap? I do not believe you, Mr. Tiger.” The tiger felt exasperated. He just wanted to show that he was certainly in the trap. He therefore, jumped into the trap and was caught in it once again. The jackal had done his job. He asked the Brahmin to go and not try to be over kind. The tiger remained where he was. Moral:Never trust a wicked person.

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