A short moral story on No pain No Gain

There was a farmer. He had vast lands. He was, however, not happy. His sons were lazy and good-fo9r –nothing. When he was about to die, he sent for them and told them that there was a treasure hidden in their fields. The sons were eager to know this. “Where is it hidden, father?” They enquired, the father remained mum. Soon after he died. The sons went to the fields.

No Pain No Gain - Fat Slow Triathlete

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They dug the fields knee deep, but to their despair, they did not find any treasure. The fields were now ready and therefore they sowed wheat. In course of time, they had a rich harvest and they became rich by selling the crop. They now understood what their wise father meant. They became hard-working and gave up their idle pursuits. Moral : No pains, no gains.

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