A short moral story on One good turn deserves another for school kids

Once a bee was returning to its hive after working hard the whole day. As luck would have it she fell into a river on its way back home. The bee was carried away by the strong current and was in grave danger of losing her life. A dove saw this. She was filled with pity for her. She thought of a plan to save it. She flew over the river and threw a large leaf at the place where the bee was. The bee climbed on the leaf.

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She dried her wings and then flew away to its hive. She was indeed very thankful to the dove for having saved her life. A few days later a hunter aimed at the same dove. The bee saw this. It was an opportunity to help her friend. She flew near the hunter and stung him on the hand. The hunter misted his aim and the dove was saved. Both flew away as friends.  Moral : One good turn deserves another.

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