A short moral story on The Boy who Cried “Wolf”

A farmer had a number of sheep. He employed a young boy to look after them. The boy used to take the sheep to the fields in the morning and came back in the evening. Very soon the boy was tired of this dull job. Nothing happened and no wolves came. One afternoon, therefore, he began to shout ,”wolf!” The villagers heard him. They came running with sticks. They were all out of breath. They said to the boy,” Where is the wolf?”

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The boy simply laughed. The men were very angry. They warned the boy and went away. For about a month the boy kept quiet. But he soon became restless, and began to cry, ‘wolf’! The villagers heard him. Some said “The boy is up to his tricks again, however thought that it might be true that time.”

So they run out of the village with sticks and came up to the boy. “Where is the wolf!” they panted. The boy laughed again. The villages were angry and beat the boy black and blue. A few days later a wolf really did come. The boy cried helplessly, but no one came to his rescue. The wolf killed several sheep and frightened the boy out of his wits.

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