A short moral story on the Cap seller and Moneys for kids

Once a cap seller was going to a fair with a bundle of caps. He hoped to make a lot of profit by selling the caps. His way lay through a forest. The sun was very hot. He felt tired and, therefore, sat down under a tree to take rest. The cool breeze under the tree sent him to sleep.

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There were monkeys sitting on that tree. They saw the cap seller with a cap on. They climbed down and took away all the caps. After some time the cap seller woke up. He got ready to go. To his surprise, however, he found his bag empty.

He looked about. There was none nearby. He did not know what to do. His dream of making a lot of profit seemed to end in smoke. At last he looked up. To his surprise he saw that the monkeys on the tree were all wearing his caps. He tried to get back his caps but in vain. The more he tried, the more the monkeys set the caps tightly on their heads. The stones flung at them did not have any effect.


At last he was so disappointed that he threw down his cap. The monkeys imitated him. They too threw down their caps. The cap seller collected his caps and was off to the fair. He thanked his stars that he had succeeded in getting back his caps.

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