A short moral story on Think before doing anything for kids

Once there was an elephant. Every day he used to go to a river nearby to drink water. He passed by a tailor’s shop. The tailor was good natured and used to give him bread to eat. The elephant liked this generosity on the part of the tailor and therefore became his fast friend.

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One day, however, the tailor was in an angry mood. He had a quarrel with one of his customers. As soon as the elephant put his trunk into the shop for bread, the tailor pricked the needle in his trunk. The elephant withdrew his trunk and went away quietly. He drank water and filled his trunk with dirty water. He came back to the shop and threw the dirty water into the shop. All the clothes were spoiled. The tailor was very sorry and repented for what he had done. Moral : Think before doing anything . Look before you leap.

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