A short moral story on Whatever God does is for the best

A merchant went to the fair. He made a large sum of money. In the evening he set out homewards. His way lay through a forest. All of a sudden the sky was overcast with dark clouds and it began to rain.

God Is Love | Prophecy

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The merchant tied his horse under a tree and waited. He kept on grumbling. He blamed God for the rain. ‘But for this rain I would have reached home’, said he. Just then there appeared an armed dacoit. The dacoit fired at him but the gun did not go off as the powder was damp and the dacoit failed to kill him.


The merchant now rode his horse and escaped. He thanked God for the rain. But for the rain the merchant would have not only snatched his money but also killed him. Moral : Whatever God does is for the best.

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