A short moral story on Wit works wonders

A lion lived in a forest. He used a kill smaller animals in large numbers. The animals lived in dread. They did not know how they could save themselves. One day they held a meeting. They thought of many ways to save themselves. At last they decided to approach the lion. They promised to send one animal to him daily. The lion agreed to their proposal. It was the best way to have his food without trying for it.

Work! Work! Work! - Chris Piascik

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The animals used to go to the lion turn by turn. One day it was the turn of a hare. He went to the lion late. The lion was very angry. “How dare you come late?” roared the king. Do’t be so angry, my lord”, said he “I was detained by another lion. He did not want me to come to you. I had simply to run for life. The lion roared dreadfully.

“Take me to that other lion”said he. I shall kill him’. “Do come, your majesty\”, said the hare I shall show you the other lion. The hare then took the lion to a deep well. “ Just peep in and you will see that other lion”. He is as dreadful as you are”. The lion looked into the well. He saw his reflection. He thought that it was the other lion. Roaring dreadfully he jumped into the well and died. The animals were very happy. They arranged a feast. They praised the little hare for his wisdom. Moral: Wit works wonders.

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