A short story on A Lucky Chance for school students

The schools closed for the autumn break in October. I Bad an invitation from my friend to spend my holidays with him in Calcutta. As we had been together at school for a number of years, it was a good opportunity to meet him again.

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It was rather late when I came back from school on that day. I had still to pack up my things. I, therefore, hurriedly set to collecting my things. They all lay scattered about in the room. I had only a few minutes at my disposal. It was at about 9 P.M. when I was ready.

After a hurried meal I came out. Luckily I got a taxi near my house. Asking the taxi driver to drive me fast to the station. I relaxed for a while. I was soon at the station. I engaged a coolie and rushed to the platform. My berth was reserved and I had no doubt. That I would catch the train. Unfortunately, I stumbled on the way and lost a few precious moments. When I reached the platform, I saw to my utter disappointment that the train was moving out of the station.


It was the last train leaving for Calcutta. I had, therefore, to come back. I thought I would catch the Kalka mail next morning. I came back home. My mother was glad to see me back. She had a premonition that something bad was going to happen.

I was rather upset. I thought that it was my mother who had made me miss the night train. Had she not forced me to take my meals, I would certainly have caught the train. Somehow I consoled myself and went to bed but I had a restless sleep the whole night. I dreamt that I was flying to Calcutta in an aeroplane.

I got up early in the morning. My mother brought me a cup of tea. In the meantime there came the newspaper. I scanned over the pages hurriedly. Lo! to toy astonishment and relief I found that the vary train which I had missed the previous night had met with an accident near Tundla. It was a major accident and there was a heavy loss of life. Some of the bogies had been completely smashed. How thankful I was that I had missed the night train!

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