Adaptability – Is the need of the day for every webmaster and software developer.

Adaptability is nothing but the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances. It is the art of being flexible and compatible with the changing surroundings. History reveals that those animals which lack adaptability failed to survive in long run. We human beings are blessed with the most adaptable nature which gives us higher degree chances of surviving in comparison with other animals. In today’s world, if any thing is changing at the speed of light then it’s the version of software and electronic gadgets. According to a recent study on one hand, software companies are producing and updating software so fast that any individual will find it extremely difficult to copy up with the situation and to remain updated with its latest version, on

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Read More the other hand the electronic chip and gadgets are becoming half of its size in every six months. So the need of the day is to avoid addiction to a particular kind/version of software or hardware. Otherwise software developers and webmaster like us will not survive in long run of life. The core survival technique for any of us is to remain adaptable with the very changing circumstance.

Issue of Addiction and its consequence.


Windows 98 to Windows XP:

Many person are addicted to windows 98 is such a way the when Windows XP arrived they experienced numerous difficulty in getting used to this new version of operating system and thus tried to avoid it as far as possible. Some reasoned that Windows XP is very slow and doesn’t shoot compatible with their Hardware configuration. But later on things started changing, the new hard disc launched by various companies were not compatible with Windows 98 and hence the users were forced to installed Windows XP operating system in their desktops and laptops.

At the end of the day they found Windows XP so good and user friendly that they highly regrets on their early comments on the XP operating system and with the pass of time they become addicted to the thousand of new facilities and features that their new operating system provided over the old once. This is what called adaptability. Are you using windows 98 today?

Office 98 to Office XP


Microsoft Office 98 was not bad. It was quite good in printing hard copies as well as in creating documents files. But with the arrival of Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007 things started changing. With each new version of software the users get more and more features and facilities which allow them to work much faster and with cent percent accuracy. It’s very disgraceful to learn that still in 2008 some users are using office 98 and are happy with that. Here, they failed with the litmus test of software adaptability and these people with orthodox mentality will never contribute towards web 2.0 revolutions.

VB Basic 6.0 to Visual Studio 2005.

This time the journey from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Studio 2005 was far more difficult. The adaptation from Windows 98 to Windows XP and later on to Windows Vista was less or more a bit Ok. Again the adaptation from Office 98 to Office 2007 was also partially Ok. But the adaptation from VB 6.0 to Visual Studies was not that easy. Microsoft has drastically changed the concepts and framework of Without doubt was far more superior that the old

Vb 6.0 but the changes in it’s features was do wide that many software developers failed to adapt the new .net framework and thus thousand of professions coders lost the Job. The consequence was bitter for those who failed to adapt with the situation.


SQL server 7.0 to SQL server 2005.

When the database administrators saw the news version of SQL server 2005 they were not at all happy. Microsoft has drastically changed its features and now the professionals of SQL Server 7.0 or SQL server 2000 experiences greater difficulty in using the latest version of SQL server. So those who failed to adapt the new version of the software will have direct impact on their Job security and they will not survive.

To sum up, it can be concluded that adaptability is the key factor to survive for any software developer or webmaster. And those who failed to adapt with the changing situation will not survive.

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