Article on Eve of Christmas – the Silent Festivity of Lights

Now in Nagercoil my Christmas however grand it may be, misses the days of my childhood. That small locality of counted Christians who celebrate the festivity with hope, faith, love and present before one’s eyes a very homely atmosphere.

Just how Wordsworth has said “Feelings of Tranquil restoration”, today though I am not at my old age as the poet was, I have the same feelings of tranquil restoration. Along with all this their runs in me a feeling of sorrow unknown, unheard and undescribed.

As I proceeded from childhood to youth, I saw my surrounding proceed from adulthood to Old age. That delicacy and beauty of nature has gone by and its place has been taken by weakness of a fragile kind.

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Those loved ones who once took me on their shoulders are now weak mentally and physically . Psychologically it is believed that man sees what he feels or wants to see.

Maybe this or something else is the reason that during every Christmas the star reminds me of one particular Christmas eve which I had in my birthplace, Ahmedabad. Probably, it must have been my last Christmas over there as a family of four. Well, I am not very much aware of the time. Pardon me for that !

It was then when I decided to write about Christmas stars and the way it made me feel. From the deep pages of my brain, I remember it has always been a custom in my house that at Christmas eve we as a family came out with our camera and walked about on all the streets staring at the decorative lights of each house. The different stars, cribs, bright lights fascinated us. We even took snaps of it.

Once we happened to pass  in a jolly mood on such a errand and we started to criticize certain imperfect stars hung at the house tops. I still remember some of them.


Christmas flower – In a mode of doing something new, some people hand stars too elaborate and having so many layers which actually looks like a flower brightly lit than what it has to be.

Even in our lives often in course of enjoying our life we make it too complicated that it looses its original luster. World then makes fun of us especially during trials. I learnt from this star, after all humility and simplicity has its own magic.

Transparent Christmas – Now a day in places where it rains during the month of Christmas, we can see plastic transparent stars. These stars instead of reflecting light, reflect their own self by clearly showing the bulb and wires that it contains within. It then lacks brightness as well as beauty.

In real life as well when we speak less, are slow to get angry and fast to listen then we reflect God’s love, otherwise we just reflect our own faults and innate dirt.


Dim Christmas – On the way back home we saw a star with a zero watt bulb in it. Obviously it was dull. Someone had just shown an another picture of life.

Though the star caught a lot of attention we shouldn’t forget it was not famous but infamous. Fear dipped in the hot tea of hatred leads at length to infamy. If we can just exercise some self-control things will never lead so far.

Flickering Christmas – A very funny star hung just opposite my house. Some very wise had placed a starter in the circuit connection of the bulb. The star thus started to flicker. Well, maybe he wanted to show a twinkling star.

Unlike other stars this never provoked any thought except my curiosity which made me smile. It takes a lot of courage to do something different in life, often leading to vulnerability and overconfidence. Be confident to dare do something different but never overdo it .

Bright Christmas – This is one star which is very perfect. The one mentioned in the scriptures or the one you see hanging down the streets made of Bamboo in a jumbo size giving illuminating light to all.

This gives the message of love to all. Spread the light of love  to all. Remember,

“Love is the greatest commandment.”

Life is simple and presents before us in simple truths. One just needs to be open and broadminded to perceive them.


Name: Jennita Roy


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