How to choose your Career ?

Career is a profession with opportunities for progress and promotion. In ancient times, birth, caste, family and heredity decided one’s career. But today, career range is wide and the youth gets confused abut which one to choose. One can seek guidance from parents, teachers and career counselors.

The Importance of Planning Your Career | Career Geeze

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The best time to choose a career is during the high schools stage. One should choose a career according to one’s talent, interest and financial resources. Once he chooses a career he should not retract his steps but work hard. His success will provide him and his family a secure future.

Career is the path one takes to earn one’s livelihood. It enables one to make progress in one’s chosen field of work. It is like a journey of thousand miles beginning with a single step. In ancient times, the choice of a profession was not difficult. Birth, caste, family and heredity decided one’s career. But today, a person has to decide and opt for his career himself. One has a variety of options to choose from.


There are many career prospects such as teaching, engineering, medicine, law, technical trades, business, commerce, computer programming, banking, finance, journalism, publication, government employment, positions in police and armed forces. One can start one’s shop, factory or workshop. One can also choose acting, commercial art, photography, etc.

New career options have opened up in the fields of wildlife, bio-technology, corporate law, sports, medicine, insurance, medical transcription, environmental science, disaster management, waste management and event management. More and more fields in careers are opening up everyday. The 21st century saw the boom in the IT industry, Careers in IT, at home or outside India are in great demand. BPO (business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) centers, involve engineering services, financial research, payroll and accounting, insurance claims processing, chip design, tele-marketing, etc.

With a wide range of career courses and jobs and tough competition in every field, one gets confused. One fails to choose the right career. The lack of proper guidance and counseling further worsens the problem. Many a time, a person qualifies in a particular field but lands up in another. Our defective education and examination system further adds to the confusion.

The evaluation of a person is done on the basis of examination and not on his overall performance. The fifteen or more years of his dedication to education are unable to fetch him the desired job. He acquires theoretical knowledge in school but fails to apply that in the practical field. Many attempts have been made to reform the educational system. Commissions, constituted to look into the matter, recommended imparting of practical training to the students and introduction of vocational courses from school level itself. Counseling and guidance services should be there in each an every secondary school to help the students in choosing their careers.


Parents and teachers pay an important role in helping the youth in the correct choice of a career. Parents should know the potential and limitations of their children and advise them accordingly. Parent’s pressure for a particular profession may be fatal. The teachers should make the children realize their talent and help them acquire various skills.

One has to be very careful in choosing a career for the choice one makes today will determine one’s future. One cannot choose a career at random. Each and every career requires an aptitude and training. The best time to chose a career is at the high school stage.

The factors to be considered while choosing a career are mental make-up, aptitude, interest and financial resources. Change of career amidst the stream may prove risky to the student. So, he should choose carefully and with proper planning.

There is a basic law of life. There will always be opportunities for those who recognize and pursue them. We need a strategy for seizing opportunities. For this we have to stick with out plans. Only then we can reap rewards in our job search or business endeavor.


It is very important to know one’s values, skills, strengths and weakness and what he or she is passionate about only then one can analyze the opportunities and make sound decisions.

We should also be flexible to what life throws one’s way. We may be lucky if we get the suitable profession. When we take initiative, good things happen, but sometimes they are not what we intended.

The students should try to come out from their shells to know about the facts related to careers. They could work part-time while in a college to get some money and experience. They should go through various newspapers, journals and magazines. This would make them aware of the various universities, their courses and career opportunities. Many institute in India and foreign universities lure students for a promising career at the end of the session. One should carefully check the authenticity of such institutions and then go for a course. Students should also visit Career Fairs held from time to time. They should also visit career counselors. It is important to have an open mind and absorb new ideas.

Once one has chosen a career, it is very risky to retrace one’s steps. He may face difficulties at the beginning, but he should never get disgruntled or frustrated. If he works hard, he will achieve success. His success will provide him and his family a secure future. The choice of the right career would thereby help in the future development of the society.

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