Confusion regarding choosing best suitable Joomla template ?

Are you confused regarding choosing the best Joomla template for design your next website or blog ? Here are some nice tips for helping you, to choose the very best.

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Today, we have some 1800 + beautiful Joomla templates for designing websites and blogs on any nature and niche. But the really problem is, all the templates are so amazing that it is very different to choose the right template for developing sites for clients.

I have already development sites on Education, NGO, Government Portals, and Corporate Portals themes for many of local and foreign clients. While doing so all my favorite templates were purchased from different Joomla template providers and were used accordingly.


But recently, I have few more work orders in hand, and I am really confused regarding choosing the best template of my  next site. Anyhow I managed to complete my work by taking the help of my near and dear ones and by applying the below given tweaks. If, however, sometimes you are in the state of confusion regarding choosing the correct Joomla template for your niche then, follow the below given steps.

1. Email to friends

Email your friend and send him the template demo links and ask him to give his suggestions accordingly. You can choose the below given email template for this purpose.

Email Template


Dear Kris,
I was just reading you post on “The Unlimited Power of Joomla 1.6”. Hope you must have gone through my comment on it. Your blog is really one of the most powerful blog on Joomla, perhaps on the open source content management system as well. Keep writing. Al the best.

Anyhow, today I need your help. I am in the process of designing a company website for one of my client with Joomla. The primary objective of my client company is to provide services in the field of software, website and portal developments. So overall, the site will be based on an IT theme.

I have gone through the official website of Joomla-art and Rocket theme and have viewed all the demo template, but I am really confused ? My dear, can you suggest me some outstanding  templates ?

Waiting for your early response,


You’re truly,


2. Post in forums

You can also post your problem in the official Joomla forum as well as on the Digital Point forum.

3. Use your wisdom

You may get good response from your friends as well as from the forum members. But at the end of the day, you have to take the ultimate decision of your life. And thus, meditate and apply your own wisdom for choosing the best of the best Joomla template. Have a great day !

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