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Now the people are openly talking about the failure of democracy in Pakistan is related to the education. People feel that present government of President Asif Ali Zardari is not workable in correct way. There is a strong perception that Benazir Bhutto’s husband was the master mind behind the murder of Benazir Bhutto and his brother Mir Murtaza Bhutto.

People faced lot of problems and situation is a complete deadlock. Today we need positive, constructive, factual education, because it tells us the lesson of peace and awareness. Education increases the wisdom and light of all murky. It is a precious gift of God that tells us the distinction between right and wrong. It tells the things that can harm us and how we say away from those wrong things. We can see the violation of merit, and our fake degree holder’s leaders, ministers, officers etc preferred the unqualified and violates the right of competent, honest, student, teacher and so on.

Today we need honest, active educated leadership at each level. As we all know that positive and good education complete the human mind. Because it is only thing that make us able how to think and how to make decisions.

Here I draw your attention that in our present set up our top leadership failed because lack of positive and constructive education. It is essential to reminder that our one chief minister said that degree is degree right or inaccurate, all is equal. It is a small example of violation of education in Pakistan.

Our political leaders, corrupt officers are only power seeker and not honestly and devotedly work to strengthen the democratic system and not take keen interest on education. Our self-interest and wrong policy makers and unkind, pitiless, dishonest, corrupt leaders, policy makers, officers is playing with our life. Leaders are a role model for nation, common people follow their stepladder.

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Today our leaders, politicians, officers need to rethink and evaluate their temperament and occupation. Media can play very important role to give them direction and show them their actual faces. People follow a leader if our leaders are honest, righteousness, talented, educated people would give good result.

Our top leaders/ officers/ violate the rule of law and can see the non-democratic elements in education sector top to bottom.  Today we can see that our top leaders and officers are more corrupt, self-interest unjust, lack of vision. One thing notes that they all have vision only for self-interest not for nation interest.

In short, Today we need true, honest, competent, well educated  leadership in which all party leaders/ officers/ had set aside their differences and self-interest and to work together in the interest of Pakistani nation. It’s all party leaders’ duty that they not wait and do it alone in positive way.


All leadership would work together on key national issues, like target killing especially in Karachi city, load shedding, high-prices and corruption and work together in the interest of Pakistan and in this way we can easily save the democratic system and our beloved country Pakistan.

Unfortunately if our present leadership and collation parties and opposition fail deliver good work then the second option is army and if it is also reject then last option is the only option that can be seen that our well educated, competent, honest, loyal, youth to move in end and replace the present set up.




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