Funds and Sources of Income of Zila Parishad

All money received by a Zila Parishad constitutes a fund called the Zila Parishad Fund.

Also all money received by the Zila Parishad is kept in a Government Treasury or Sub-Treasury or in the bank to which the Government Treasury business has been made over, unless the government in any case otherwise permits.

All orders or cheques against the Zila Parishad Fund are to be signed by the Secretary.

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Sources of Income of Zilla Parishad.

The Sources of income of a Zila Parishad consist of:

(i) The Central or State Government funds allotted to the Zila Parishad;

(ii) A share in the Land Reserve collected from the Zila Parishad area.


(iii) Grants from All India bodies and institutions for the development of cottage, village and shall scale industries, and the like;

(iv) State taxes or fees as may be prescribed;

(v) Income from trusts administered by the Zila Parishad;

(vi) Such income of the District Board as the Government may by order, allocate to it;


(vii) Zila Parishad can raise loans;

(viii) Donations and contributions from the Panchayat Samitis or from the public in any form; and

(ix) Such contributions as the Zila Parishad may levy from the Panchayat Samitis with the previous approval of the Government.

The expenses of the Zila Parishad include the salaries and allowances of the officials of the Zila Parishad, and allowance, if any, to be paid to the members of Zila Parishad or any Consultative Committee thereof. The Chief Executive officer of a Zila Parishad in each year, frames and places before the Zila Parishad, on or before the prescribed date, a budget showing the estimated receipt and expenditure during the next financial year.

Thus, Rural Local Government in India continues to be a three tier structure. The 73rd Constitution Amendment Act has ensured the continuous operation of the institutions of Panchayati Raj. It has given additional powers and sources of revenue for enabling these to work efficiently. The involvement and empowerment of rural women has been secured by giving then reservations for becoming the members and chairpersons of Panchayats, Panchayat Samities and Zila Parishads.

However, several problems still continue of to limit its successful working. Illiteracy, ignorance poverty, groupism corruption, lack of popular participation, inexperienced and incapable representatives, general apathy, continued administrative control and unhelpful approach of civil servants still continue to act as hindrances in its way.

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