How to increase your Height?

Matter of Height is suffering under misconception known as ‘No Growth, No Scope, No Medicine after natural stop and bone-fusion.

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If these medical findings are true to its spirit, height could not increase further, but it increases. Process speaks that a portion of height remains due in a dormant state in our system under deficiencies of promotional values and that is exportable further in continuation of the existing height under natural process any time upto 35 years free from age-bar, height-bar but not the capacity-bar faster than the average growth ratio as it is due height with natural-aid and energy of Herbo-Height Therapy under new focus of height growth.

Tall and Total Height


Our gene-tape also suffers under changing nutritional and promotional values person to person even in the same family such as younger grow tall, elders remain short, parents tall, children short, children tall parents short. So under our natural process of height growth is uncertain. It requires the short cut process to obtain the due capacity after height stop and to gain the tall and total height, it needs to feed it before puberty at around 7-8-9 years so that height may not turn slow-sluggish-stop earlier than the proper maturity. As Herbo-Height-Therapy is a natural height and health tonic to improve tall and total height with pleasing personality.

Free From Prevailing Doubts

Time-Tested Herbo-Height-therapy has been Honored with Award for its positive concept. Also it has not proved false under judicial, Consumer, Demo test challenges. Tried, tested by over 50 thousands beneficiaries during its services span of 4th decade on scale effects and exercises.

Faster Than Average Ratio


Height at birth and birth-plus 50+560 = 100 centimeters are not countable as it is a basic height of the human body Remaining centimes are our normal growth and are to be divided with running years of age. This would be around 2 to 3 cms yearly and 2 to 3 mm monthly. On the contrary with HHT you would likely to improve by 50 to 100 mm in 1 year course, 25 to 50 mm in 6-m-Half-C, 15 to 25mm in 3-m-Short-C, 5 to 10mm in 1-m part doses on scale satisfaction, faster than an average growth ratio.

Height Increases where from Medical Refuses there from

This herbal tonic helps to compensate the natural deficiency of Height and health, Weight and Energy, Mind and Memory or any other underlined portion of male and female body. Shape up and sharpen the Figure and Features, Cuts and Curves in a natural course. Pimples vanish, Complexion improves with pleasing personality. HHT is a nature base herbal composition free from any exercises, side-effects, diet chart, diet restrictions frequent visits, bitter taste in the shape of capsules and drops easy to consume at home.

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