How Attitude contributes to Blogging Success

A boy went to the stationary shop for purchasing some study materials. He pointed his hand towards a red color pen and nodded , the owner then handed him  the chosen pen and got busy with other customers. After some moments, the shopkeeper felt someone tugging at his shirt. He turned around and the boy asked “Why the red color pen is not writing in red color?” Moved by the boy’s concern, shopkeeper replied gently, “Boy, it is not the color of the pen, it is what’s inside it – the color of the ink that makes it write.”

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The same principal applies to each and every blogger. It’s what’s inside that counts. And what’s inside of us that makes our blog go up (Alexa Ranking) is our attitude. According to a study it was found that, 90% of blogging success is based on attitude and only 15 % of it is based on technical knowledge (SEO, Backlinks, Contents, CMS etc). Ask any professional blogger and he will tell you about the importance of Attitude. Can Darren Rowse, be a professional blogger earning in six figures, without attitude ? Can Amit Agarwal be the first blogger of India without good attitude ? Can John Cow, Matts Cuts, Amit Bhawani , or any professional blogger be good in their respective fields without good attitude ? The answers is a big NO. The foundation of any blog or blogger is Attitude.

Things to Remember

  • When our attitude is right, we realize that we can take our blog to extreme levels. Opportunity is always under our feet. We don’t have to go anywhere to find our niche. All we need to recognize it.
  • Bloggers who don’t know to recognize opportunity, complaints of noise when it knocks.
  • Opportunity always knocks once. The next one may be better or worse, but never the same one.


Just think why some blogs like Huffington post, Tech Chruch,  are so successful ? It’s not a secret ! Those blogs are so successful because their bloggers think and act more effectively. What makes an individual blogger successful is TQB.

TQB – Total Quality Bloggers

What is TQB ? Total quality bloggers are bloggers with character, integrity, good values and positive attitude. High traffic blogs are not measured by wages and working condition, they are measured by feelings, attitude and relationship. For example on one hand ranks 2800 (according to Alexa) but  is founded and managed by only one person named Darren Rowse on the other hand blogs with ocean of contents and network of bloggers are not even in the top 10,000 list. But why ? This shows that some of the greatest blogs have the strongest foundation. And the foundation of blogs is not made of bricks and motors but of the bloggers attitude. So here the big question is ” What are the factors which determines bloggers attitude?.”

Factors that determines Bloggers Attitude


Bloggers are not born with positive or negative attitude. Three things are responsible for giving shape to bloggers Attitude and are  (a) Environment (b) Experience (C) Education.


In some blogs when we ask any question we get an instant positive response an in some other blogs we don’t get any response despite emailing, posting, commenting and asking  thousand times. In some forums the moderators are very polite, helpful, caring and friendly. Yet at other forums we found rude and discourteous moderators and members. In a positive environment a marginal blogger can write great articles and in a negative environment, a good blogger fails to write a good article. We need to introspect ourselves about the kind of environment we have created for ourselves and our blog.  We should always include ourselves with good blogs, bloggers, websites and positive Mentors for creating a positive environment.



Our attitude changes according to our experience. If with see some bloggers earning in six figures and have made a brand name for himself as well as for his blog which excess a million bucks, our attitude towards him  as well as towards our own blog is likely to become positive and we start thinking and planning about building a better blog . When we read articles about how bloggers wasted their time, energy and money in blogging and at last end up with a article “Blogging Sucks” or “Google ad sense sucks”, suddenly our attitude towards blogging, ad sense as well as  our own blogs becomes negative, and we start asking ourselves “What if I am not able to earn anything from my blog ?” , “What, if I fail ?”  and etc. This concludes  that experience and events become reference points in our blogging career, we draw conclusions which serves as guidelines for the future success of our blog.


Without education we cannot become better bloggers. Education refers to both formal and informal education, which is a very vital thing. Education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live. We as professional blogger needs to remain updated about significant things such as Blogs, Blogging,  Hosting, SEO , Content creation and etc.

How to Recognize bloggers with Positive Attitude.

We can easily recognize bloggers with positive attitude, they are caring, confident, patient, and humble. They have high expectations from their blogs and others. They anticipates positive outcomes. A blogger with a positive attitude is like a fruit of all season. He is always welcome.


  • Help to make us a contributing member of Blogosphere and an asset to web 2.0 revolution.
  • Inspire us to make a difference.
  • Increases our blog traffic and brand name.
  • Accelerates our blogging income streams.
  • Increase overall blog productivity.
  • Improves our blog quality.
  • Foster better relationship with readers.
  • Reduces stress


  • Increase Bitterness
  • Decrease quality and brand name.
  • Eats away the traffic and goodwill.
  • Diminish the income streams.
  • Discourages the blogger to blog.

When we become aware of our negative attitude, why don’t we change ?

It is the tendency of human nature to resists change. Change is uncomfortable. Regardless of its positive and negative effect change can often be stressful. We as bloggers are so comfortable with negativity that ever when the change is for the better, we don’t want to accept it. We stay with the negativity. Have you seen the movie “Shawshank Redemption ?” You will notice that often prisoners are not happy when they are released. They are so much addicted to chains, darkness and cops that they feel uncomfortable outside. And thus they prefer to stay inside the prisons for lifetime.

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